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How does BRZX works

What is the Braziliex's Token (BRZX)?

BRZX is a token created to provide all Braziliex clients with progressive discounts on trading fees. Up to 21.000.000 tokens will be distributed and negotiated through the exchange. Also, they can be negotiated in others trading platforms in the future.

Ethereum Token Contract: 0xda5180086461ff6eeb09580181ac160522dcdcd4

How does the rewards program works

The more BRZX you have, the less fees you pay

Amount Discount on fees Fee Simulation
100 BRZX 0.1% From 0,5% to 0,4995%
1.000 BRZX 1% From 0,5% to 0,495%
10.000 BRZX 10% From 0,5% to 0,45%
... ... ...
50.000 BRZX 50% From 0,5% to 0,25%

How to earn BRZX

There are two ways to earn BRZX

1 - For free through Braziliex's rewards program

Amount earned What should I do ?
10 BRZX For each deposit, via TED, with a minimum amount of R$ 10.000,00 per operation
Deposits via DOC will not be rewarded
20 BRZX Approved registration with full documentation
50 BRZX Indicando amigos.

2 - Negotiation through exchange

At Braziliex, you can acquire BRZX with Reais (R$) or Bitcoins
The BRZX price is defined by market conditions (demand versus supply) similarly to others traded altcoins
The BRZX can be bought in the order book, selecting "BRZX" at the Exchange menu.

General rules for rewards (discounts)

Tokens should be "available", not "on orders"
The minimum amount required to benefit from discounts is 100 BRZX.
General rules are subjected to change without previous notice.